ICT Infrastructure 

The image highlights some key ICT areas for schools, including school wireless networks, which connect teacher and student mobile devices via broadband to cloud based tools and applications. While each school is unique in terms of size, location and where they are in terms of using ICT, there are some common shifts and trends that are happening in how schools are using ICT.

These include:

  • Increased use of cloud based tools and applications by schools
  • The importance of fast/reliable broadband to connect with cloud based applications
  • Use of mobile computing devices by teachers and students, including in SEN areas
  • Importance of suitable wi-fi networks within schools to support mobile learning
  • Changes in how screens are being mirrored and alternatives to projectors in classrooms

VastraTech can assit you with the following;

  • Connectivity
  • LAN
  • WiFi
  • Security
  • Server environment
  • Cloud services
  • Applications